Wreck Pond Outfall, Spring Lake, NJ

Project Details:

Project Owner:  Borough of Spring Lake
Project Client: Engineer-Avakian Engineering, Neptune, NJ
Project Cost: $1 million – $5 million
Project Duration: 6 months

Project Challenges:
  • Working through the winter on the Jersey Shore
  • Groundwater
  • Working with tide
  • Coordination with wildlife and plant restrictions
Work Performed:

Simpson & Brown was contracted to install 600 l.f. of precast concrete box culvert to connect Wreck Pond to the Atlantic Ocean. The culvert would facilitate drainage as well as provide a path for fish to travel. The Box Culvert was supported by timber piles and a combination of timber and steel supports. The work was conducted 13’ below grade on the beach which required steel sheeting to be utilized.

Project Photo Gallery: