Motiva MD-4 Dolphin

Project Details:

Project Owner:  Motiva Enterprises
Project Client: Motiva Enterprises
Project Cost: $1 million – $5 million
Project Duration: 4 months

Project Challenges:

This facility was an active terminal moving petroleum products, so coordination was required for shipping schedule and proximity of work to active vessels.

Work Performed:

Installation of 20” diameter x 0.625” wall plumb and batter piles for 42’ x 42’ x 10 ft thick cast-in-place concrete dolphin (650 cubic yards). The concrete was placed in 2 lifts to allow more economical falsework. Fabricated walkway sections connection this structure to adjacent docks and the shore. A two-story CMU Block building was constructed on top of this structure for a control building. Rub rails, bollards, and quick release hooks were installed as a mooring point for docked ships.

Project Photo Gallery: