Linden Marine Bulkhead Stabilization

Project Details:

Project Owner: Linden Marine LLC
Project Client: Linden Marine LLC
Project Cost: $14,500,000.00
Project Duration: 11 months

Project Challenges:

A substantial amount of the demolition activities occurred in the tidal zone with the existing structure’s conditions largely unknown prior to starting work. The pipe pile combination wall design (Combi-wall) consists of large diameter pipe with a heavy wall that made the piles unusually heavy for this type of application. The interlock design was unforgiving and allowed for very little tolerance in terms of installation for straightness or plumbness. The rock scour protection had to be performed after pile driving and only during low tide cycles which made sequencing and production a challenge.

Work Performed:

Simpson and Brown was contracted to perform the demolition of all the existing waterside structures, process and re-use the concrete debris as fill, Install 1800 LF of 48” diameter x 60Ft Pipe pile combi-wall to create a new stabilized shoreline bulkhead along the Arthur Kill, this pipe pile bulkhead also required a large scour protection toe consisting of 3-4ft solid rock boulders that had to be installed after the pile driving was complete in the tidal zone.

540 LF of 60ft long sheet piles were installed along the Rahway River to complete the stabilization of the entire plot of land. The entire bulkhead has a welded cap to top it off. We also filled and graded the land behind the newly installed bulkhead to raise the grade of the site.

Project Photo Gallery: