Buckeye Bronx Dolphin Upgrade

Project Details:

Project Owner:  Buckeye Pipeline
Project Client: Buckeye Pipeline
Project Cost: $1 million – $5 million
Project Duration: 5 months

Project Challenges:
  • A thick layer of dense fractured rock created a challenge for keeping a seal while drilling rock sockets
  • Large tidal swing and strong currents• Active fueling facility required barge coordination and mobilization with client
Work Performed:

Simpson & Brown was contracted to install two mooring dolphins to upgrade Buckeye Pipeline’s Bronx Facility. Each mooring dolphin was supported by six steel piles driven to bedrock, which were then rock socketed to improve the pullout strength of the mooring system. These piles were then capped with a 10’ tall monolithic concrete dolphin. Each dolphin featured a High-Performance Fender for fuel barges to breast against and bollards for the barges to dock securely. Lastly, a new gangway system for crew members to access each of the structures was installed.

Project Photo Gallery: