APM Wharf Modernization Phases 3 & 4

Project Details:

Project Owner: APM Terminal Elizabeth
Project Client: APM
Project Cost: Over $10 million
Project Duration: 15 months

Project Challenges:
  • Tight schedule
  • Coordination of large amount of workers
  • Specialty equipment
Work Performed:
  • Drive 600 24” diameter x 80 l.f. Pipe Piles
  • Formwork and Reinforcing for 6,000 c.y. of heavily reinforced cast-in-place concrete
  • Marine Based installation of 1,100 l.f. of combination sheeting wall consisting of 42” diameter pipe piles and AZ14-770 sheet pile as well as marine fenders
  • Drilling and Anchoring of pipe pile with 10’ deep Rock sockets. This process requires the cleaning of the interior of the 42” diameter pipe pile and subsequent drilling into rock for the socket. After drilling, the process of anchoring requires the installation of an H Beam and grouting of the annular space between the drilled hole and the embedded beam.
  • Tie rods – The reinforced land side crane beams are tied to an existing sheeting wall onsite using 2” diameter threaded rod tie rods.
  • The project required the removal of existing in place crane beams utilizing hydraulic hammers as well as excavation to allow for the new crane rail, electrical ductbanks, and pavement subgrade sections
Project Media: